Special Offers
Don’t let your need for office help, be driven by urgency.  Let it be driven by focus.

We’ll show you how to get work done, so you can get life done.  Like our tagline says: Your virtual office and virtual assistant all in one!

GBS Virtual Office Solutions is here to help you regain your focus and re-prioritize your goals.  To do this, we have added a couple of highly customized package deals, which are available with your monthly retainer.  These are individually customized, so we will go over all of that when we begin working together.

However, if you are like most clients, you will come to enjoy all of benefits of having your own virtual assistant or virtual team.  Just imagine:

  • No payroll
  • No taxes
  • No retirement plans
  • No vacations
  • No healthcare
  • No dental plans
  • No employee lawsuits
  • No coffee breaks
  • No training
  • No expensive “downtime”
  • No spare office needed
  • No office equipment to provide

Then once you find out just how much money and time, we'll save you--you'll be back.  Of course, we will be glad that you are.

A *visit* is defined as an email, text, fax or phone call introducing your business and yourself to us.  We recommend that you use this opportunity to inform us of any upcoming projects or explain your current administrative challenges.  Nothing formal just a quick
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Your virtual office and virtual assistant all in one!