About Us
Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to provide exceptional virtual assistance to our clients in an atmosphere of innovation, integrity, and mutual respect while at the same time being held personally accountable for our performance, commitment, and ethics. 

Our Vision Statement

Our vision statement is to become and remain indispensable in the operation of your business and its full business growth and potential. 

Who Are We and What Can We Do For You?

GBS Virtual Office Solutions is a virtual assistant and e-business consulting practice established in April 2006 to serve the one-man/one-woman business.  We are located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in the town of Front Royal, Virginia, but serve all over the globe remotely. 

When I first started out, I was Gemstone Business Solutions and my logo looked something like this:

I changed my business name in 2011 to GBS Virtual Office Solutions.

Having previously owned an arts and crafts business, Beads, Buttons, and Books and a rental property business, J.F. Corbett Enterprises, we understand firsthand the needs of the small business professional. 

As the owner, Leisa Good, I have 20+ years of administrative experience with 13 years having been in Corporate America.  My formal education includes technical certifications from Washington Business School in Vienna, Virginia and Bryan Computer Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I also hold an AS and AA from Lord Fairfax Community College in Virginia.   

Even though Washington Business School is no longer around and Bryan Institute merged with another trade school in Texas, they were great schools and experiences.  I kept my certificates from both of them.

Our tag line says it all: Your virtual office and virtual assistant all in one!

What good is it to have a virtual office and not have anyone competent enough to run it?  This is why people are always going to be the "building blocks" of any business.

However, no business is the same.  For this reason, we do NOT believe in one-size-fits-all.  All businesses are unique.  All businesses are at different stages of growth.

Whether you are a startup business or a thriving business, your needs are and will always be changing.  This is especially true in the online business community where SEO rankings, social media, and technology change constantly.  So much so, that we had to become a multiple virtual assistant/coaching practice to be able to offer you the continued and specialized expertise needed to succeed online. 

In the online business or even the offline business world-- nothing stays the same.  We want to be right there with you as your business grows, changes, and reinvents itself. 

Let us show you how partnering with me and my network of experts will save you time, money, stress, frustration, creative energy, and expand your clientele.   

Call us today at (540) 636-8249 or send us an email at gbsvirtualoffice@gmail.com

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"Congratulations on being
a trend setter.  A lot of us would like to be that--just
don't know how!"

Pat Banks
Retired Secretary
Harrisonburg, VA

Formerly known as Gemstone Business Solutions
Your virtual office and virtual assistant all in one!